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Light Riders and the Fleur-de-lis Murder


Long Before the Eiffel Tower was the Bastille...


When 15 year old Ryn and his younger sister, Aeden, find themselves in Paris, France due to the murder of a distant relative, they cannot resist the temptation to travel back in time to find the killer. Although they think they have mastered Snell's Law of Refraction and a way to use light for time travel, something goes terribly wrong. The pair finds themselves in 18th century Paris a day before the storming of the Bastille and the start of the French Revolution.

To make matters worse, they are lost in the underground sewers and their only hope of survival rests with a member of a secret society of revolutionaries who is bent on killing the aristocracy. When Ryn and Aeden learn that his next victim is their ancestor, who has sought refuge in the Bastille, they are forced to conceal their identities and find a way into that fortress to rescue the gentleman.

With a bloodthirsty mob of angry citizens only hours away, Ryn and Aeden must rely on their instincts and skill to escape a frightening fate. Will time be their ally or their enemy?



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"Get on the Light Riders train! You will never be disappointed!"
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Light Riders and the Fleur-de-lis Murder 2014 Purple Dragonfly Book Awards - Honorable Mention, Young Adult

  • Ryn and Aeden's great, great uncle Henri has just been murdered in Paris.
  • Using Snell's Law and the biggest prism of all, the siblings decide to go back in time to find their uncle's killer.
  • Something goes wrong as Ryn and Aeden find themselves in the 18th century Paris sewers.
  • Members of a secret society, intent on killing the aristocracy, take the pair into their fold.
  • To move through Paris and slash the throats of the aristocracy, Ryn and Aeden are shown how to navigate the catacombs.
  • Little did they know they would have to crawl...
  • The siblings find a way into the Bastille to save their ancestor, a highly regarded member of the aristocracy, who has been jailed for treason.
  • Their only escape is through tunnels and garderobes.
  • The rioting has begun as the citizens storm the Bastille.
  • The streets of Paris are about to erupt as the revolution begins.
  • To flee the Bastille, Ryn, Aeden and their ancestor must swim across the Seine.
  • Will they be the next victims of the Fleur-de-lis murders?

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