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Light Riders and the Missouri Mud Murder


Sixteen year old Ryn and his younger sister Aeden hadn't planned on using their knowledge of time travel to solve any more murders. But when the body of their friend's great-grandfather turns up encased in mud, they decide to tackle one more mystery.

Unaware that solar flares would interfere with the time-space continuum, the siblings find themselves caught in a time loop between 1952 and the Ice Age and are forced to use survival skills they never thought they had. Worst of all, someone has traveled back in time with them, posing a greater threat than any of the prehistoric animals they face.

"Light Riders" Ryn and Aeden must work frantically to unlock the clues because the next jolt through time could be their last--and this time, Snell's Law of Refraction won't save them.

Feathered Quill Book Reviews says:
"These adventures are unique and extremely entertaining. In other words, keep them coming!" read more...

  • Time travel sleuths Ryn and Aeden hadn't planned on solving any more mysteries, but when the body of a former classmate's great-grandfather turns up in Missouri, encased in mud, they have second thoughts.
  • Rather than deal with their insufferable acquaintance, they decide to time travel back to 1952 in order to find the killer.
  • Our sleuths have no idea that solar flares would disrupt the time-space continuum.
  • They find themselves in Missouri, in the Ice Age and they are not alone.
  • They narrowly escape with their lives and wind up in 1952 Missouri at the Mark Twain Summer Theater Playhouse.
  • Posing as theater crew, our sleuths, along with an uninvited guest, piece together the clues to find the person who killed their classmate's great-grandfather.
  • But time keeps looping.
  • They ultimately find themselves deep in the Missouri caves where dimensionality, time and space collide.
  • Will they be locked in 1952 Missouri or worse yet, get flung back to the Ice Age?
  • The secret rests on the Missouri roads with a decision that could change everyones' lives.

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