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The Time Stealer

Beware if the guards hand you a red cloth and say “blood dance.”

College senior Aeden thinks she’s got it made when all she has to do is direct a Children’s Theater play for her final project before graduating from Emerson in Boston. Unfortunately, her department head has something else in mind – adding his fourteen-year-old miscreant nephew, Wendell, to the cast.

It doesn’t take Wendell long to hack into Aeden’s iPad and uncover the secret formulas for time travel that she and her brother found years ago while cleaning out their great, great aunt’s house. Wasting no time, Wendell decides to put the formulas to use and find the lost city of Atlantis.

When Aeden discovers that Wendell is missing, she realizes that he has gone back to the ancient Minoan civilization on the island of Thera in the Aegean Sea. A civilization known for its brutal Ceremony of the Bulls and penchant for human sacrifice. Will she be able to return him to the 21st century or watch as he becomes the next “burnt offering” for the gods?



"The Time Stealer 's ability to juxtapose multiple worlds (the 21st-century world of present-day Boston and a college student with an unusual background and a unique purpose, and one of Minoan civilization renowned for its brutality) is one hallmark of excellence that succeeds in immersing readers of all ages in its vivid story line."   Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review

"The historical research is perfect, yet again. The locations, the events, and the characters that roamed the world long ago literally come to life! A++"    Feathered Quill Reviews
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The Time Stealer

  • The Time Stealer The Time Stealer The island of Thera in the time of the Ancient Minoans
  • The Time Stealer The Time Stealer Ancient Minoan bull jumping
  • The Time Stealer The Time Stealer Ancient Minoan bull jumping
  • The Time Stealer The Time Stealer A street in the ancient Minoan town of Akrotin on Thera. Some of the houses were three-story structures in this wealthy town that was totally buried by pumice and ash during the Bronze Age Thera eruption. Click the image to learn more about ancient Minoan civilization. Credits: Fig 1. Haraldur Sigurdsson, Fig 2. Hellenic Ministry of Culture


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