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The Face Out Of Time




Time doesn't always move forward. Sometimes it folds. And sometimes, people get stuck. On the morning of June 21, 1923, in a small city in upstate New York, high school senior Pearl Coveety walks across the street from her house to a city park and disappears, never to be heard from again. Fifty years later, on the same date, graduating senior Lee Capove leaves a class party at the same park and vanishes for good. Can these possibly be the same girl? Present day sophomore, Liz, thinks so when she finds both pictures in old yearbooks. As she and her study partner Matt untangle the clues to these disappearances, they're faced with a startling discovery that puts their lives in peril and jeopardizes their friendship. In their attempt to find the person in the photo, Liz and Matt toy with forces of nature that are best left alone - temporal displacement and the time space continuum. Simultaneously, the girl in the photos desperately tries to find a way back to her own time, while hiding her identity in another decade. When her path and Liz's collide, this is no coincidence. It is time itself, who plays the role of the "joker," enticing the young sleuths with anagrams, aromas and tangible evidence that time travel is no longer theoretical. In a race to make things right, Liz and Matt may become its next victims.


Time doesn't always move forward.


  • This is no ordinary school project for high school sophomore Liz...
  • ...when she discovers a picture in a 1923 yearbook that looks "out of time."
  • Convinced that the girl in the picture is from another time,
  • Liz begins an investigation that takes her into a world of time travel and theoretical physics.
  • The girl in the photo, Lee Capove, reveals her strange story, beginning in a park in 1973. Time tips the equinox and Lee plunges back to 1923 with no hope of return.
  • Lee Capove finds herself in the same school, only 50 years ago.
  • Liz believes she has found a way to save Lee, but finds herself in a lost web of time.

Location Photos for The Face Out of Time.

  • Surprise, Arizona Book Signing
  • Geneva Historical Society
  • Belhurst Castle at dusk
  • South Main Street, Geneva, New York
  • The Smith Opera House
  • Seneca Street
  • Neider Park
  • Geneva High School 1923-2003 (Currently Finger Lakes Community College)
  • A reader...

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