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Light Riders and The Morenci Mine Murder

Light Riders and the Morenci Mine Murder has won the 2013 AZ - New Mexico Book Awards Honorable Mention, Young Adult

2013 Purple Dragonfly Book Awards  - Second Place in Young Adult Fiction



"As Ryn searches for his sister, everyone else looks for gold, and some are willing to kill for it. Goldfarb's novel ceaselessly regales, enriched by two resilient and charismatic main characters."

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When 13-year-old Ryn finds himself cleaning out a "hoarder's nest" that belonged to a deceased great, great aunt, he knew the summer was off to an awful start. But what he didn't know was that his "crazy Aunt Zanne" may have used prisms to find a way to travel back in time! It was only when he and his younger sister, Aeden, come across an 80-year-old picture of Ryn that he realizes his aunt may not be so crazy after all.

Following the clues she has left for them, Ryn and his sister, Aeden, escape back in time to 1930's Arizona, with Ryn on the Orphan Train from the east and Aeden on a railway car with a mysterious girl. Separated by time and space, the siblings are forced to blend into an unfamiliar culture as they try desperately to find each other. Ryn escapes from the brutal family that "adopts" him only to get caught up with a gang of murderers. His sister is befriended by a streetwise orphan whose values go against everything Aeden was taught.

Their only chance for survival rests inside an old mine, but will this be the only clue they cannot find?



Morinci Mine Murder by Ann I. Goldfarb



  • 13 year old Ryn pitches a fit when he and his younger sister Aeden wind up cleaning a "hoarders nest" that belonged to a deceased aunt in Waddell, Arizona.
  • Ryn and Aeden discover their aunt's method to time travel using refracted light from prisms.
  • Unlucky Ryn winds up on the Orphan Train with last stop in Morenci, Arizona, 1930.
  • Aeden meets a mysterious girl on the railcar and finds herself working at the mines.
  • Aeden and the girl look for gold and find a dead man instead.
  • Ryn joins a gang of outlaws to escape the family that adopted him from the Orphan Train...
  • ... and follows a winding mountain path.
  • Aeden and Ryn find themselves on separate paths to Tucson, Arizona, but their final clue was always in the mine. Is it too late for them to figure it out?

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