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Ripple Rider: An Anguillan Adventure in Time


When events keep repeating for college freshman, Hannah, coupled by the squiggly lines of a migraine aura, she is convinced that it’s just a form of Déjà vu. But things begin to change rapidly when her roommate Tasha tells her the island stories of Anguilla where doomed souls ripple back in time and take hapless victims with them. Hannah and Tasha navigate a treacherous path as they find themselves thrust back to another era on an island where slavery is at its most brutal and a guarded secret is about to be uncovered. Two professors will enter their lives, one intent on helping, and the other on murder. Will they recognize whom to trust? And will they be able to ripple back in time?



From the desert southwest to the island of Anguilla, three-hundred years in its past, the characters learn how one secret spanned generations of slavery before its clues were deciphered.

The study guide component provides teachers with differentiated questions and activities designed to entice and engage learners while moving them into higher levels of thinking.


History of Anguilla:


Ripple Rider


  • College freshman Tasha never believed in the stories her grandmother told ...
  • ...about lost souls who moved through time.
  • When her roommate Hannah experiences migraine auras in...
  • ...conjunction with time displacement, the stories no longer seem far-fetched.
  • The vision of a woman being strangled and tossed off a cliff...
  • ...on a remote island plagues Hannah's mind and conjures up lost memories for Tasha.
  • Then the unthinkable happens. Tasha and Hannah cascade back in time to the...
  • ...island of Anguilla when slavery was at its most brutal.
  • But their worst fears are about to be realized as a brutal killer has tracked them from the 21st century to the 18th century. Only their camaraderie will save them. But will the twists of time prevent the girls from escaping their fate?

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Ripple Rider:An Anguillan Adventure in Time

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